Book Arts Cheer

I've been feeling a bit under the weather for the last couple of days. Maybe my last post did me in after all. Now, what never fails to brighten my spirits? My worktable, naturellement! I've written about my love affair with this table before, including its design (here and here) and its unqualified beauty (here). So I took my first pix of THE table and my studio. Any bookmaker who's worked at a standard-height desk or table knows what a joy it is to work on a surface whose height is geared to book work. And, oh, the bliss of having one whose height was tailor-made for moi!

But there are other features that make me swoon at the sight of my table. Although I have a built-in cabinet with some large, shallow drawers in which I store paper, the largest sheets of both decorative papers and text papers spent their lives rolled up in a box. Now they lay comfortably on one of the table's two shelves.

The work surface is formica, which makes it easy to clean; it's large enough that I can have separate areas for cutting and gluing; and it's wide enough that I can keep supplies close at hand but not in my way. Oh, and did I mention that it's on casters? What more could a BookGirl possibly want!?

Photos of the table today, more photos of the studio later.

NOTE: In my previous posts, I mentioned the wonderful craftsmanship and service of Bill Bennert, who made and helped design my table (he also built the tables for BookWorks, Asheville's excellent book arts learning center. Bill doesn't have a web site, but if you are interested in his contact information, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you.


Riverlark said...

Oh, BG, I could weep over your table!! Thanks for sharing. And do post some studio pictures someday. I love looking at other people's studios!

Riverlark said...

PS Is that a piece of painted mylar I spot on the wall? :-)

Clara said...

You have good eyes, girl! That's exactly what it is.

Clara said...

As to the weeping, I consider this my combined birthday, Christmas, and everything-in-between present for 2007, so it was a bit of a luxury for a BookGirl who'd just left her job, but well worth it.

Riverlark said...

I think the table is well worth the investment. I just wish I had the space for something similar. However, as I work on my basement, um, "retreat"...I have been inspired by you to keep one flat space for gluing and another for other work.

Allison said...

I'd be interested in Bill Bennert's information, if you wouldn't mind. I think you can find me through my blogger profile. Thanks!