Words, Words, Words

I started reading the major English newspapers during my tenure at my two former BLFs (Big Law Firms), both of whom had London offices (I have a particular affection for arts and books coverage in The Guardian and its blogs). I also scan Canada's newspapers from time to time. On any given day there's usually something of particular interest to BookGirl in one of these, so keep that in mind when you're deciding whether it would be of interest to you -- but, of course, you wouldn't be reading BookGirl unless you shared at least a little of her less-than-mass-market pasttimes.

Today's entry is an article from Canada's Globe and Mail: Vocabulary: Are We Losing Our Lexicon? There are few things that BookGirl likes more than words and language -- and books, of course, are simply a variation on the theme -- so this story of the battle between the linguists and the logophiles was just my cup of tea/coffee this morning. Not because I have a large vocabulary (I don't, a fact I constantly bemoan), but because I love to see and hear words used well, and precisely, and think that people who care enough about words to argue about them are pretty cool.

Here's the subtitle of the story:
"With the Lord of Loquacity in Chicago and schools playing down language to level the playing field, is the mind-expanding power of a well-stocked vocabulary becoming a thing of the past?"
Now, tell the truth, aren't you just dying to read this?

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