Critical Compendium

If you simply must have one more daily book review web read -- check out Critical Compendium: A Daily Dose of Book Reviews from Around the World. Here's what they say about themselves (Here's what IT says about ITSELF?): Thanks to Scott McLemee at ArtsJournal for the lead.

"What you'll find at this site: Book reviews, and lots of them. Every day we post links and a one or two line synopsis to reviews from newspapers, journals, magazines and web zines. You will also find a sizable list of links to book review sections around the world.
What you won't find: Links to literary blogs. Nothing against them, but this site provides readers with reviews rather than the more open ended ruminations/discussions found on blogs. We also don't link, for the most part, to sites that require subscriptions. That's why you don't see, for instance, the Atlantic Monthly. The Economist, on the other hand, requires a subscription to see the current issue, though previous reviews can be viewed for free. Thus, we link to The Economist."

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