An Accelerated Christmas Present

My husband and I have been talking about getting another dog -- more specifically, another shih tzu. But we'd decided (or at least I'd decided) that we'd wait until the spring or summer when my life was a little bit hectic. Puppies take big chunks of time to housetrain and to acclimate to new surroundings -- time that I don't feel I have right now. So much for the best laid plans...

We picked up Coco (short for Coco Chanel, of course) on Dec 22d and she's settled right in. The ambivalent one (besides me, for a while) is her 3-year-old "older brother" -- our other shih tzu, Twiggy (so named because he's never seen a twig or leaf he didn't want to bring into the house). He's been very gentle -- he seems to understand that the puppy's size merits that -- but he's clearly more subdued, and I think he misses the freedom to roam at will without Coco nipping at his heels and being (he must think), generally a pest. Coco, meanwhile, already thinks she owns the place.

Here's some pix of the new addition, and of Twiggy, who for a 15-lb dog, looks gigantic next to tiny 3-lb Coco.


We used to think of Twiggy as a small dog, but next to 8-week-old Coco, he seems huge!

Twiggy is spending more time up on his window seat these days...


Christmas Lights Gone Wild

I couldn't resist posting this YouTube video. I kept thinking about the person who programmed this -- either wonderfully dedicated or horribly obssessed. Either way, it's quite an achievement.

To all of you who celebrate Christmas, have a happy one!


Making Paste Paper

Can it actually be three weeks since I've posted? It surprises me too. I've been working on a marketing project and also very actively involved in a volunteer project. Of the time left over, I've been spending as much of it as I can in my studio, making books to meet some deadlines. This'll be the state of affairs for the new few months, so for the duration I'll be here less often than I used to -- but I'll try not to let it stretch out much longer than a week without a post.

Earlier this fall, a local arts center asked my friend, Carol, to teach a class in making paste paper. She asked me to help her with the class, so she and I have had a couple of paste paper-making sessions over the last couple of months. Carol makes beautiful traditional paste paper, which she uses primarily as end papers for her books. I've never been much interested in making paste paper (although I admire the work of those, like Carol, who do it well), perhaps because the results seem a little too controlled. That's probably why my own paste paper designs are less traditional --less uniform and generally messier. Here are some photos of the results of our most recent session -- unfortunately, my photos include a fair amount of glare and don't do the papers justice. Most of these are Carol's; a few are mine. Enjoy.