Christening the Table

My worktable arrived yesterday morning, and Bill Bennert, who delivered it himself, re-assembled it in my studio. He'd taken off the top and the casters, figuring that the assembled table wouldn't make it around the corners, and through the doorways, into my studio. Smart move.

What can I say: it's Gorgeous! Bill's craftmanship really stands out. I spent a few afternoon hours moving things around again into what seems a good, functional arrangement (different from what I had before), and sorting my text and cover papers and arranging them on the table's shelves. I no longer have to roll up larger decorative papers and can stop keeping my Velata paper in its original box, leaning it against whatever's handy. That in itself made a big difference in how the space looks. An old counter stool that was stored in the garage turns out to be the perfect height for the table, for those times when I'm doing close work other than tearing and gluing. I "christened" the table this morning by starting a new book.

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