First Gershwin Prize for Popular Song

In May, Paul Simon received the first-ever Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song (named for George and Ira). PBS broadcast the celebration nationally on June 27. It's been a beautiful day in the mountains, and I'm feeling just a titch nostalgic, so here's my selection from the program: Paul Simon and George Harrison singing 'Homeward Bound' on Saturday Night Live in 1976.


Riverlark said...

BG, your blog is now on my list of sites to check every morning (I don't even wait for it to show up on the RSS feed). And this post was so lovely. I was in college in 1976 and away from TV so I missed this. Isn't it just amazing that we can enjoy them again on our porches in 2007. Thanks for posting that beautiful performance.

Clara said...

Ditto on your blog, RL (and Bella's blog, of course!). I was glad to see Paul Simon get this award. He started strong and continues to write es wonderful poetry year after year. think George and Ira would have been pleased with the choice. And I love this duet with George.