Off to Make Books

Five Luminous Towers, A Book to be Read in the Dark, offset printing, laser-cut
pop-ups, light and batteries, Carol Barton

BookGirl is off to Arrowmont tomorrow for a week of doing of my very favorite things: making books. I'm taking a class with book artist Carol Barton, who is known for her paper engineering and pop-up books. Everyone I know who's taken a class from her says she's a wonderful instructor, so I'm particularly eager to work with her. Since this will be my first time at Arrowmont, it'll be a bit of an adventure, even though it's only a two-hour drive from here.

I'll be signing off while I'm away, but to give you a little something to look at to help tide you over, I'll point you toward BookPuppy. Yes, it's true, BookGirl's dog has a blog. My friend Riverlark, whom I met at Penland in June during a book arts workshop, enticed her dog, Bella, to start one, and you know how dogs are -- mine had to jump on the bandwagon. Warning: elevated sugar levels and high cuteness quotient.

See you soon.

Tunnel Map, silkscreened tunnel book, Carol Barton


Riverlark said...

Have a great time, BG! You're lucky to get two book art intensives in one summer, but I know you'll enjoy it.

Clara said...

Thanks, RL. It doesn't get much better than this.

MyHandboundBooks said...

Oh I hope you have a wonderful time and learn loads!


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Heather, and I am writing a paper about the relevance of tactile art, looking particularly at bookmaking. Rhonda Miller sent me this link and said that you would be willing to answer some of my questions. Could I get your email? Your comments and opinions would be incredibly helpful.

Clara said...

Heather, you can email me at cboza@vna1.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Rspdr said...

Carol Barton is a wonderful teacher. She will be teaching a Pop-Ups class at Pyramid Atlantic in Silver Spring, MD on October 20 & 21. Take a look at Pyramid's website at www.pyramidatlanticartcenter.org.

Clara said...

Landria, I thought that was Carol was terrific too. The sad thing is that I lived in Washington, DC for 8 years, but because I had not yet discovered book arts, I didn't know about Carol or Pyramid Atlantic!