A Book Club of One

We learn from the UK's The Guardian that writer Yann Martel, Canadian resident and author of the award winning Life of Pi (among other works), has been sending books to that country's Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. (Harper has been criticized for not valuing the arts and for cuts in government funding for the arts.

In his one-man campaign to bring the arts to the Prime Minister, Martel mails Harper a second-hand paperback every other Monday. The books are "short and accessible," in light of the PM's busy schedule, and have included Strindberg's Miss Julie and a book of Hindu scriptures. Yartel sends an introductory note with each book.

"'If I knew he liked thrillers,' says Mr. Martel, 'I would send more of those -- perhaps a Chinese thriller.'"

BookGirl likes Martel's style.


Alea said...

Wow. That's pretty sweet! I wonder if he's cracked any of them open.

MyHandboundBooks said...

Nah, here in Canada we suspect that he has never even looked at them!

Clara said...

Say it ain't so, Rhonda! Ah, well, Martel still gets points for his efforts.

Peter Rozovsky said...

I like the idea that everyone should read more, prime ministers included. It's nice, too, that Martel shows no prejudice against thrillers.
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