Recent Books

Before Christmas, I spent several days making books -- for one, I borrowed a form that I learned in my very first class in book arts, called a "Spine Surprise;" for another, I used the covers of a lovely old book in French that I'd had on my shelf for over a year; for a third, I re-discovered a sheet of paper that was perfect for a "puppy journal." (I'm still not sure what a puppy journal is, , but as the owner of a new puppy, I knew I had to make one!)

The Spine Surprise book is an accordion-style book with signatures on both sides. One side has pockets and and a signature pamphlet-stitched into the center fold; the reverse side contains two signatures, one in each corresponding folds. The book is secured it with an elastic band.

The other books are coptic-stitched. I used a four-needle binding and combined two different colors of waxed linen thread.


Riverlark said...

Hey BG, it's so great to see your work!
I have a friend with a 6-yr old Bernease Mountain dog who gives a hearty greeting to visitors. She's still working with Sophie to teach her "little woof"...only my friend is Swiss, so she's says "leetle woofa".
Good luck with coco!

BWK Art said...

Lovely new books! :)

BWK Art said...

While I'm here...could I ask you a question? A while back you posted about a criss-cross version of the longstitch that you and your bookbinding friends had tried. I've been searching high and low for a tutorial or printed instruction for it. Would you be willing to share it, or where you found out how to do it? I'd be endebted!!

-Bev (aka "bookyeti")

Priscilla Hill said...

Love the new books! Did you sign up for Dan Essig's "5 Books in 5 Days"????

Anonymous said...

Love the books! Hello to you from Asheville!

Carol said...

Hi Book Girl, I love your new books. Would you mind if I tag you? The info will be on my blog. Please only respond if you want to and or have the time. Carol

Anonymous said...

Lovely books. You do great work.