Ice Storm

We had an ice storm a week ago. It's hard to believe that something so beautiful can be so dangerous. We have a lot of trees on our property, and at first blush, seeing them covered with ice is magical. But the weight of the ice on the trees can do a great deal of damage. Smaller trees can bend and break; branches of larger trees can split off; and larger, rotting trees can come crashing down.

One of our trees did, in fact, come down. Luckily, it came down over our driveway and not our house. One of our neighbors, who is a builder, came by with his crew (and a power saw) and cleared the driveway and cut the tree into firewood for us. We're fortunate to have such good neighbors.

The second, equally magical phase of an ice storm takes place when the sun comes out. The sun made the ice glisten on the trees. The sound was a little frightening, as chunks of ice slipped from the trees and fell to the ground and onto our deck. Two days after the storm, we had temperatures in the low 70s. Go figure.

The weight of the ice can bend small trees and branches precariously

The ice built up to a diameter of a half-inch. An amazing sight.

The tree that crashed down over our driveway.

The sun starts coming out. Pretty magical, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I've always thought this was beautiful, but it breaks my heart when it happens. In the spring, it often kills plants just coming into bloom. Northern Michigan, where I grew up, had a lot of these.

Gorgeous pictures though!

Becky said...

Oh I love the last two pictures!

MadSilence said...

Delightful pictures. I particularly enjoy the ice storm's aftermath: sun glistening off the ice, a sense of isolation, the creaking and shattering of ice in the wind. Damage, yes, and beauty, too.

Amanda said...

When we lived in Tulsa we were often amazed at the sound of the ice on the trees. It made a constant clicking noise and cracking noise that was so eerie. Now that we live in Texas we don't have that sound, or ice, or snow, or winter.


kelsey said...

These pictures are just gorgeous! Here in Western Australia we get absolutely no snow whatsoever but we do have killer summer temperatures.

Send me an email via my blog so I can respond to your question about the transfer technique, I couldn't find anywhere to email you on your blog.