Tiny Tots

Jerome Weeks' Book/Daddy blog is one of BookGirl's regular destinations on the Web. Anyone whose blog photo depicts three large clocks, one whose time is set for East Egg and another for West Egg (the third is on Narnia time) is worthy of BookGirl's attention, and not only for the Fitzgerald reference.

It seems that we also share a liking for Edward Gorey's The Gashlycrumb Tinies. Actually, mine is a bit more than a liking. In addition to two copies of the book, one of which is an early edition that was a gift from my husband (such a man is clearly a keeper), I own a large poster of the ill-fated tots. I used to display said poster prominently in the front hall of my apartment, which didn't scare off that same man, who was just getting to know me then. It's a particular delight that one of the unfortunate children bears my name (no, not BookGirl, silly!)

Anyway, Book/Daddy has a post with a video of The GTs from YouTube, one of many interpretations. After watching it, I visited YouTube and found one that I liked better. Here are both of them. The first is my selection; the second is Book/Daddy's.

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Sarah said...

Thank you for for your kind thoughts on my bllog the other day about my little cat. Couldn't find your email address but just wanted to say that it meant a lot to me. My thoughs are with you and yours too xxx