Quick Long-Stitch Journal

I've carried a notebook/journal with me for as long as I can remember. It's a place to write down a book passage that I want to remember, or jot down the name of a book that a friend recommends, or to list my to-dos. For over a year now I've been making my own. I love the feeling of writing in a handmade book, especially one I've made myself.

I keep these books fairly small, usually no larger than 4" x 6", and the bindings pretty simple. Most of the time I make a double-pamphlet book. This time I used what I call a criss-cross long-stitch binding. I glued together two complementary papers of card-stock weight paper -- the paper has a distressed look. To keep the book closed, I used an elastic band I found in my sewing box. Then I hand-sewed a button on the front cover and voila! (or "viola!" as one of my friends says.)


Riverlark said...

Oh so cute, BG! Well done.
Where did you find such fun cardstock?

CuriousC said...

This is great! Thank you

Clara said...

RL, it's actually Basic Grey scrapbook paper, which is heavier (and more interesting) than the usual, laminated together.

Curiousc, thanks for stopping by.

Linda said...

Brilliant! I love long stitch bindings and can hardly wait to make one of these for myself.