Crowned for the Holidays

When I returned from Penland last summer, I wrote here about artist and friend Margaret Couch Cogswell, who is currently a Penland resident artist. As you may have gathered from that post, I think her work is terrific. There's much to like: her versatility, her sense of color, the surprising ways in which she combines media. I think, 'though, that what I appreciate most is the sensibilities Margaret brings to her art, which resonate for me.

So when my husband surprised me on Christmas day with a piece he'd commissioned from Margaret, I was more than delighted. I'm not easy to surprise, and my husband is not good at keeping secrets, so how I managed to open the box without even the tiniest inkling of its contents still amazes me. He knew I would love one of Margaret's crowns, but I'm told that the only guideline he offered her was that she should incorporate the concept of keeping doors open to creativity (no doubt in part because I tend to be just a tad (!) hard on myself about my own creations).

I can't imagine changing a thing about this beautiful piece. It inspires me each time I look at it. Margaret will soon launch a blog, and she's also in the process of building a web site, so you'll be able to see a good deal more of her work online -- and make it your own.


Judith Hoffman said...

This crown is so wonderful. What a great gift, too. Do you wear it in the studio? Does it make you feel more open to creativity?

Maria-Thérèse ~ www.afiori.com said...

Wow, what a crown!!! Never seen anything like it!!!

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Riverlark said...

Ahh, BG, that husband of yours is a gem! I'm so glad you were willing to post these pix!
And *so* glad to know Margaret is building her own web site. Tell her we're all dying to see what she's doing.

Büchertiger said...

What a beautiful gift!
What a beautiful piece of artwork!
It seems to have so many lovely details and looks just great.

- Has it the correct size for your head?