Creative Advertising

Other than the current Apple television ads, which are funny and charming, and reinforce Apple's brand brilliantly, I don't see much creative advertising on the tube these days. American t.v. advertising doesn't seem to do "art" well -- that is, ads that work effectively from a business and marketing standpoint (since sales are, after all, the goal), AND are artistically interesting or exciting. Europe seems to do this combination better, and here's a terrific example from VW for the company's new VW Phaeton. How cool is that?!

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random notes said...

How cool of an ad is that? VW does have a way getting it together, don't they.
Hey Clara I love your blog and I know some of my blogging friends will love it too, so I am going to link you to mine. Love your work from A&S.
BTW - I do Mac.